How Consumer Finance Companies Can Win by Driving Digital Experiences

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The Digital Dilemma for Consumer Lenders US consumers have embraced digital technology adoption over the course of the COVID pandemic. Forrester’s Predictions 2022 study states that “around 80% of consumers will see the world as all digital,” and nearly two-thirds of US adults engaged in new digital activities since early 2020. While many companies have […]

Expert Data Governance Insight from Anne Legg of Thrive

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Data Oceans recently had the opportunity to sit down with Anne Legg from Thrive and discuss the hot topic of Data Governance. Anne specializes in Data Governance for Credit Unions and has years of experience helping businesses and others in the industry with their data problems. Along with dedicating her time to Thrive, she also […]

The Importance of Middleware


Middleware is an essential part of numerous operations, yet it’s fairly common for people to not even know what middleware is. If you want to take advantage of every piece of technology you can for the most efficient business model, middleware is an essential component you won’t want to miss out on. Learn all about […]

What You Need to Know About PCI Compliance

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PCI compliance, or maintaining payment card industry standards, is required for ensuring that your customers are protected when paying with cards. These standards include specific protections for processing, storing, transmitting and disposing of any data that comes with card payments. Learn all about data security and communications in bill payments, and discover how important PCI compliance is to general operations.

A Data Driven Winter Holiday

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As 2021 draws to an end, this is another unconventional winter holiday season in the midst of a global pandemic. Things have changed but that doesn’t stop the holidays from being celebrated with friends and family. The following statistics demonstrate just how things have changed and the ways people are celebrating this year.  Shopping Despite […]

Communications – A New Competitive Differentiator

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In today’s world, businesses have access to massive volumes of personal data. However, businesses must treat this data as if it were their own if they want to retain consumer trust. To that end, businesses should target security as a foundational value, whether through their own technology or the use of partners.

Ways to Maximize Customer Retention

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Reducing customer turnover in any business in this day and age is not just a good idea, it’s essential to survival. Check out some ways you can maximize customer retention and solidify your base to make a huge comeback this year. Why Customer Retention Matters More Than Ever Having regular customers not only means maintaining […]

Staying Connected This Thanksgiving

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As Thanksgiving nears and marks the beginning of winter festivities, millions of Americans are wondering whether things will go back to normal. But it may not happen as soon as we think. More than half (57%) of us will still rely on celebrations through digital means to celebrate with friends and family safely, following social […]

What Is Financial Inclusion?


Financial inclusion is an important concept in the ever-evolving global economy in this day and age. We are all looking at issues like inflation, wage inequality, fair employment practices, and a rapidly changing business world that’s looking to solve these gaps, which are becoming problematic to companies as well as workers. Inclusion resides at the […]

The Dangers of Physical Mail

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Many businesses have been turning back to physical mail recently out of fear of data leaks. This fear, though it comes in the wake of several such high-profile leaks over the past few years, is largely unfounded. The truth is that going digital is still safer than using physical mail in many ways. Learn about […]