Increasing the Adoption of Billing eDelivery

Case Study
A consumer lender increased digital adoption and improved internal processes with Billing Hub.
Days to Implementation
Increased Digital Adoption
Reduction in Call Volume
Statement Templates

As a consumer finance organization working with multiple commercial vehicle brands, this lender needed a solution for producing statements that provided branding, the ability to insert personally relevant content, and statement design and features that improved customer payment behavior.  

The Problem

Shackled by a legacy print vendor that was unable to meet its expectations or contractual obligations, our client needed a new solution for producing better billing statements. At a minimum, their statements needed to support multiple brands/logos, provide personalized content, and promote features that improved customer payment behavior and digital engagement.

Unfortunately, our client was working with a legacy print vendor that could not meet their evolving needs. The vendor had failed to meet their SLAs — including failing to respond to simple change requests for over 12 months — and had even entered bankruptcy filing for an extended period. The client needed a new partner to help them improve their billing process. They also knew that their new partner would have to be able to deliver on their needed billing improvements and meet other internal requirements:

  • Maintain a minimum impact on daily operations and revenue cycle
  • Improve functionality/design to manage brand variations
  • Promote digital channel utilization
  • Enhance payment performance

The client needed an experienced partner to manage the transition period between vendors without exposing the client to any additional risk and costs associated with modifying the legacy system.


The DataOceans Solution

A rich discovery process included focused requirements sessions, design meetings, and the exchange of existing statement source data. DataOceans wasted no time implementing a proof of production for the client — configuring Billing Hub in under 30 days.

Through this proof of production, the client validated the superior experience of the new statement design. The client then approved a full-scale transition effort to implement Billing Hub across the client’s organization. As part of this transition effort, DataOceans imported Client XML billing production data for statements into Billing Hub and deployed 3 statement templates for various Client brands and mapped to Client data, including:

  • Updated branding and layout
  • Personalized offers and content
  • Developed QR codes to opt-in to eDelivery  
  • Matched archive connection to the current archive process
  • Tested, cutover, and monitored before conversion to business as usual
  • Trained staff on self-service content management features

"Working with DataOceans allowed us to feel confident that we could make a switch we needed to make. Our team was not getting the service we needed from our prior vendor.  DataOceans enables us to deliver the billing experience our brand and customers deserved. We now have that confidence knowing we are empowered to manage the process at our pace and our customers are happier for it."

VP of Operations


After a successful deployment of Oceanus Billing Hub, our client completely eliminated the limitations of its previous vendor. Armed with Billing Hub, the client can now use a robust suite of print and digital capabilities to personalize, manage, and optimize their revenue cycle communications at scale. Billing Hub has had a significant impact on the client’s billing operations. The new ability to personalize, manage, and optimize their revenue cycle communications at scale:

  • Reduced the time to market for changes by business owners from months to hours/days
  • Increased the adoption of the eDelivery channel by 25%
  • Reduced billing inquiry call volume by 10%
  • Increased consistency and quality of communications experience across Client brands

Even better, the client realized these benefits in under 60 days without having to modify their existing processes. This limited the time and effort involved by internal IT and SMEs, allowing for a faster outcome with less overall risk and complexity than traditional approaches.

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