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Improved Content Production with Compliance Hub

Case Study
A global vehicle manufacturer’s consumer finance company eliminated outdated audit and compliance practices with DataOceans.
Days to Implementation
Reduction in Risk
Days until Proven ROI
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Our client is a North American consumer finance company affiliated with a global vehicle manufacturer that is constantly under audit and regulatory oversight. The consumer finance company sought a partner to improve how compliance and regulations were managed to reduce exposure to risk.

The Problem

As a consumer finance company under a large manufacturer, our client faced increased risk because they could not update content as needed due to their print vendor not meeting expectations or contractual terms. The vendor had failed to meet service needs (in some cases failing to respond to simple change requests for over 12 months), SLAs, and had entered bankruptcy filing for an extended period.

To reduce the risk of compliance failure, our client needed a partner to help them transition correspondence production without impacting their daily operations and existing internal processing. Further, the client required a partner with deep experience in this space who could help them:

  • Improve the design and functionality of its communications
  • Minimize the impact on their existing IT processes
  • Build a system that feeds their existing archive of records
  • Empower business users to make needed changes to regulated correspondence in real-time


The DataOceans Solution

After two focused requirements documentation meetings and the exchange of existing source data and document output, DataOceans configured Compliance Hub in 30 days. This proof of production process included redesigning and updating of desired documents, enabling self-service content management capabilities for business users, producing print and electronic versions of all documents, and building integration-ready documents and index files for the Client’s existing archive of record.  

After seeing results in a matter of weeks — which had been needed from the legacy vendors for months — the client approved a full-scale transition effort. Working with the client, DataOceans was successful in deploying this new system, including:

  • Importing client data for correspondence with the self-service import tool
  • Deploying 13 letter templates inside Compliance Hub with mapping to client data
  • Integrating  client’s archive of record — minimizing client changes to existing processes
  • Conducting comprehensive testing, cutover, and monitoring service transition support to ensure a seamless migration to Compliance Hub

"Working with DataOceans allowed us to feel confident that we could make a switch we needed to make. Our team was stuck in complex vendor processes, limiting our ability to impact change at our pace or give our clients the experience we wanted to provide."


Within 30 days of full implementation, the client had eliminated the regulatory and audience risk introduced by their legacy print vendor’s inability to meet client needs. Armed with Compliance Hub, the client could now utilize a collaborative online platform to author, manage, and operate all their everyday correspondence. Using their new scalable solution, our client was able to:

  • Reduce time to market for correspondence changes from months to hours/days
  • Automate five manual correspondence tasks
  • Centralize compliance communications to a single system, reducing overhead and the risk of non-compliant correspondence being sent to customers by over 90%
  • Increase operational efficiencies to improve profitability

From discovery to proof of process and full implementation, DataOceans worked with the client to implement Compliance Hub without modifying their existing processes for LMS, LOS, or archive of record. This limited the time and effort involved by internal IT and SMEs, allowing for a faster outcome with less overall risk and complexity than traditional approaches.

"Before our engagement, we did not realize how much our previous provider was holding us back. DataOceans helped us transition to a solution that works and automates tasks we didn't even think was possible."

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