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A CCM Platform Built for Health Insurance Payers

Discover an enhanced premium billing and member communications solution.

Strategic Healthcare Communications

The Oceanus platform helps Payers navigate healthcare communications and data management. With the ever-increasing amounts of claims data and need to contain costs, DataOceans works with your organization to enhance operational efficiency for your communications. 
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    Personalized Communications

    Provide clear and concise premium statements, contextual Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and control over messaging variances across multiple states.

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    Efficient Print and communications solutions

    Rely on DataOceans’ optimized delivery network to reduce print and postage costs and send digital communications (SMS/email/fax).

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    Simple Content Updates

    Rapidly respond to changing regulations and business requirements with an intuitive content management system.

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    Secure Data Management

    Store and utilize data while following HIPAA compliance to ensure your members' information is always safe.

Better Communications, Better Outcomes

See how the Oceanus platform can enhance how you communicate with your members.

Developing a Methodical Production Process 

DataOceans partners with your organization to ensure a smooth deployment and usage of Oceanus. Together, we discover avenues for reducing growth and areas to elevate the production of your communications, such as: 
  • Uncovering additional areas for automation
  • Developing a strategy for digital transformation
  • Simplifying your production workflow 

Transformed Communications for a Leading Healthcare Payer

DataOceans aided one of the largest health insurance providers in the nation by converting intricate and unconnected data into meaningful and comprehensible health statements, resulting in cost savings and better health outcomes for members.

Increased Digital Group Invoices by
Growth in Paperless Opt-in by
Reduction Service Calls by
Decrease in Billing and Call Times by
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