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Streamline your regulatory processes with an end-to-end letter and notice fulfillment platform built with intuitive content management tools.

Empower Your Business With Compliance Hub +

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Simplify Compliant Letter Production

Simplify Compliant Letter Production

Access functional, compliant, Hudson Cook produced letter templates to ensure compliance with ever-changing regulations without having to enlist the help of IT and vendors.

Avoid Fines and Fees

Avoid Fines and Fees

Track and monitor every communication sent to your clients in one secure place, preparing you for any upcoming audit.
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Reduce Human Errors

Reduce Human Errors

Put your regulatory customer communications on autopilot. With our workflow and automation capabilities, you can always be assured your communications are accurate and going out on schedule.
Improve Customer Experience

Streamline your Print & Delivery Process

Streamline your Print & Delivery Process

Maintain consistent and appropriate customer communication by regularly delivering clear, personalized, and compliant messages.

Access the Latest, Compliant Letter Templates - Ready To go!

Templates for
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in Effort Per Change

Compliant Letter Templates

Leverage default letter templates (NOI, RTC, and Post-Sale Explanations) prepared and updated by Hudson Cook.

  • Stay on top of the regulatory environment - relevant changes incorporated in the templates provided
  • Reduce assistance from IT or outside vendors
  • Host your own customized templates (note: these will  not be monitored or reviewed for compliance and are the responsibility of the user) 

Audit Trail and Reporting

Enhance governance and visibility by tracking letter version history, edit/approval actions, and milestone processing:

  • Track letter version history for informed decision-making and audits
  • Monitor edit/approval actions to ensure compliance
  • Enhance governance and visibility through robust tracking mechanisms 
  • Bulk search and downloadable PDFs

Efficient Letter Management

Reduce the time, cost and risk associated with letter fulfillment:

  • Update letters in minutes, not months
  • Eliminate the need for multiple outsourced vendors 
  • Changes pushed to you proactively in the template library
  • Empower your business with self-servicing capabilities

A Safe and Secure Way to Manage Customer Communications

DataOceans' enterprise software undergoes an annual audit covering security, data management, and operations. This rigorous examination ensures that our software meets the highest standards in these critical areas, providing our clients with confidence in the reliability, integrity, and security of their data. Through continuous evaluation and improvement, we remain committed to delivering robust and trustworthy solutions that exceed industry expectations and support our clients' evolving needs.


"Working with DataOceans allowed us to feel confident that we could make a switch we needed to make."

See how Compliance Hub enabled a leading auto finance organization to control content and improve letter communication processes. With an agile process in place, they were able to self-manage letter templates, improved efficiency and speed of production, reduced cost and streamlined change management. 


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