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A user-friendly portal with an intuitive interface that simplifies account management, document viewing and payment processes 

Empower Your Customers With DataOceans' Customer Portal

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Self-Service Convenience

Self-Service Convenience

Empowers customers by providing them with control over their personal data and service management, without having to contact a call center and wait for assistance. This improves customer satisfaction leading to a great customer experience.
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Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Reduces the need for direct customer service interventions (reduces call volume to the call center), saving resources and allowing your staff to focus on higher-value tasks. 
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Data-Driven Insights

Data-Driven Insights

Harnesses the power of data integration and normalization to provide actionable insights, helping you make informed business decisions.
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Tailored Customer Journeys

Tailored Customer Journeys

Adapts to the specific needs of different industries, ensuring a relevant and effective customer interaction framework.

Give your customers easy access to vital communications and payments!

Experience a
Reduction in Call Times!
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Deliver a Superior Customer Experience

Empower your customers with robust self-service options, enabling them to effortlessly handle their needs without relying heavily on customer service teams. This not only improves their overall experience but also allows them to engage with your services at their convenience, making interactions more efficient and satisfying.  

  • Profile Management Functionality: Supports managing multiple accounts under one profile with the option to assign nicknames for easier identification and access. 
  • Preference Management Functionality: Users can opt-in to receive notifications via email and SMS about document availability and other important account alerts. 
  • Responsive Design: The portal's display is optimized across all devices, providing an excellent user experience regardless of the viewing platform. 
  • Prioritized Account Billing: Advanced filtering options make it easier for users to find and prioritize important billing information. 
  • Unified Billing & Payment Processing: Users can link several accounts under one profile, managing and paying for all from a single interface. 
  • Document History Access: Allows users to view and filter their document history, enabling easy retrieval and review of past documents. 
  • Payment History Access: Users can view payment history with filter functionality. This allows them to track their transaction records efficiently. 


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Boost Your Brand and Streamline Your Operations 

Empower your business by leveraging our extensive options for personalization, seamless integration with your core systems, and advanced workflow management to streamline your operations and ensure a superior customer experience. 

  • Configurable Interface: Offers extensive options for labels, messaging, branding, and color themes to maintain consistency with your corporate identity.   
  • Change Management and Approval Workflow: Our customer portal features a robust change management and approval workflow system, enabling you to efficiently schedule changes, track modifications, and secure necessary approvals.  
  • Enhanced client self-service transactions: Specific self-service transactions can be done by integrating with your core systems, allowing for seamless handling of various self-service actions without direct involvement from DataOceans.    
  • Client Chat Integration: Seamlessly integrates with your existing chat servers to facilitate real-time communication and support. 
  • Payment Integration Capabilities: Enables you to work with DataOceans' payment partners or continue using your existing payment processors.
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Rest Assured with Enhanced Security and Compliance

Protect your business and customers with DataOceans’ Customer Portal, designed to meet the highest standards of security and accessibility. Our platform ensures robust protection for all transactions, compliance with industry regulations, and ease of use for all users. 

  • Enhanced Security: We have ensured that our customer portal adheres to the highest security standards, being PCI Level 1 audited, which guarantees robust protection for all payment transactions, ensuring data security and compliance with industry regulations.  
  •  Accessibility: Our customer portal is designed to be fully accessible, compliant with WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines. This ensures that all users, including those with disabilities, can easily navigate and utilize its features.   
  • Secure Password and Security Questions: Users can create and update their passwords. Security questions can also be set up to assist with user authentication. This dual-layer approach helps protect accounts and ensures secure access to the portal. 


A Safe and Secure Way to Manage Customer Communications

DataOceans' enterprise software undergoes an annual audit covering security, data management, and operations. This rigorous examination ensures that our software meets the highest standards in these critical areas, providing our clients with confidence in the reliability, integrity, and security of their data. Through continuous evaluation and improvement, we remain committed to delivering robust and trustworthy solutions that exceed industry expectations and support our clients' evolving needs.


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