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Customer Communications Management
for Media

Turn your customer data into modern and effective communications that accelerate growth.

Customer communications, for communication experts.

Most customer communications management (CCM) systems have been built over time, on top of older systems or poorly integrated vendor products. They don’t serve today’s requirements for a modern communications solution – one that delivers interactions that increase wallet share, improve customer retention and amplify your brand.

DataOceans’ Oceanus solution can unlock the data in your existing systems to create and deliver personalized, compelling communications such as bills, statements and notices, across distribution channels that include print, online, interactive PDF and mobile.

Obtain faster time to payment, reduce paper, postage and contact center costs, and digitally transform your subscription processes to deliver targeted marketing and other messaging with custom onserts.

One End to End Solution for Customer Communications

Enhance your print and electronic billing statements

Save on print and postage costs and assess paper statement fees

Reduce call volumes, empower staff to view all communications online

Make the subscription process a frictionless experience

Obtain a faster time to payment with integrated online payment capabilities

Provide relevant offers quickly with targeted marketing capabilities

Display your brand consistently across every channel

Allow customers to manage their delivery preferences

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