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Deliver ROI By Next Quarter With Oceanus Launch

Improve ROI with Better Customer Engagement

Whether you have a thousand customers or a hundred thousand, increasing customer conversions while reducing costs improves your bottom line. Want to see how it can impact your ROI by next quarter? Watch this short video to learn how Oceanus Launch, our omni-channel customer engagement solution, rapidly leverages your existing data to improve customer communications and wallet share, while returning cost savings.

Video Transcript

Oceanus Launch is an out of the box customer engagement solution that gives you all the features of a large and costly enterprise communications solution at a small business cost. Containing powerful segmentation and messaging capabilities, it enables you to dynamically target content and offers to your customers in no time.

Quickly implemented, with minimal IT involvement, Oceanus Launch enables you to hit the ground running, sending personalized communications to your customers in the first 30 days – and returning ROI within 90.

You already hold large volumes of customer data. Now you can put it to work to drive revenue through increased debit and credit card transactions, new loan conversions and other activities.

You can segment your customers by balances, location, transactions and spending habits, then send them targeted promotions, such as debit and credit card offers that yield an additional 5% return, or mortgage or line of credit products at double the conversion. After investment, the savings return an average of $5 per customer.

Oceanus Launch improves the efficiency of traditional marketing, helping you increase fee revenue, interest income and wallet share, while eliminating redundant technologies and delivering better experiences.

At DataOceans, we take your marketing dollars beyond traditional ads and print campaigns. Schedule a call with us today and learn how Oceanus Launch puts your data in motion.