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Delivering A Better Explanation Of Benefits Statement

How to Improve the Explanation of Benefits Statements You Send Members

When it comes to Explanation of Benefits statements (EOBs), healthcare payers have an opportunity to improve member satisfaction, STAR ratings and health outcomes, while reducing contact center costs. The key is a customized statement that’s designed to make it easy for members to understand their benefits and make informed choices about their healthcare. Learn how DataOceans delivers a better Explanation of Benefits in this short video.

Video Transcript

Meet Samantha. She’s a working mom with a family on her company’s health plan, TRG Health. That means she receives lots of communications over the course of the year. Unfortunately, for her and TRG Health, many of these letters and statements are simply confusing.

Even a simple checkup generates a complicated Explanation of Benefits statement. What did the pediatrician charge, and what did TRG Health pay? How close is she to meeting individual and family deductibles? Could she have paid less if she went elsewhere?

It’s hard for Samantha to locate this information on a typical EOB. And if she has a question, she’ll have to take time out of her day to call TRG Health, spend time waiting on a call queue…verifying all her information…finally speaking to a customer service representative, who needs to look up all the information…and then is finally able to answer her questions.

Today, healthcare is more complicated than ever. Growing volumes of health data are hard to keep up with. Health insurers need to put that data to work to meet member expectations and reduce servicing costs.

With a clear, concise, and interactive EOB from DataOceans, Samantha can see and understand everything she needs. Her monthly health statement is clear, colorful and contains health and wellness information customized to her family’s needs. Like claims statuses, generic equivalents for prescription drugs, and in-network options. It makes managing her family’s healthcare easier and improves her experience.

For TRG Health, an EOB statement from DataOceans improves health outcomes and customer satisfaction scores, while reducing the cost of servicing members like Samantha.

Talk to DataOceans about how we can put your existing data to use to provide a richer member experience, reduce unnecessary calls and produce better health outcomes.

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