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Implementing Oceanus Launch In 30 Days

Transform Your Customer Communications in 30 Days

Our integration team uses a set of best practices developed from over 15 years of delivering customer engagement solutions. Learn how we’ll take your organization to successful implementation in a 30 day timeframe. Here’s a short overview of our process.

Video Transcript

Organizations today are under pressure to digitally transform. So it’s crucial that the process for implementing new technologies is fast and streamlined. At DataOceans, we onboard clients using a set of best practices designed to be simple and efficient, yet flexible enough to fit your organization’s unique needs. Our integration team works closely with you via interactive remote working sessions to make your integration a success. Here’s a timeline of the process:

  • Your team completes a questionnaire that identifies the scope and initial use cases for your company
  • We implement data exchange procedures to ensure secure file transfers for ongoing data analysis
  • We review up to three months of your customer data for marketing curation
  • We establish and test all API connections
  • Finally, we test selected campaigns over the course of 10 days

And that’s it! With Oceanus Launch, your business can have targeted and personalized marketing for your customers in as little as 30 days. And since we provide hosted managed services, we handle ongoing maintenance, so you don’t have to. With hundreds of clients, and a 97% client renewal rate, DataOceans has a history of success that lets us guarantee a return on investment after 90 days. Talk to us to learn more about how Oceanus Launch can put your data in motion.