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Oceanus Launch Customer Engagement For Community Banks

Small Businesses Are Critical to Community Banks - Here’s How to Engage with Them

Small business owners don’t always have time to search for the banking solutions they need. That’s why it’s important to have a customer engagement strategy that serves them. Watch this video to learn how Oceanus Launch can help your community bank stay top of mind with business owners.

Video Transcript

Last year TRG Community Bank helped small business owner Krista receive a PPP loan. The loan kept her company, a local hardware store, on a steady course to continue to meet payroll and other expenses.

TRG has other offerings that can help Krista grow her business. But how do they make sure that she thinks of them first when she needs banking services?

The key is Oceanus Launch, a customer engagement platform from DataOceans. Launch leverages existing bank data to create communications that reach and resonate with customers. Using Launch, TRG strategically targets customer segments by specific criteria, then sends personalized communications, like offers and education materials. That’s how Krista learned about their great small business loans.

Connecting with business owners can be challenging. Krista is incredibly busy and doesn’t have time to investigate her options for financing a new delivery van and additional inventory. Community banks pride themselves on personal attention, so sending relevant communications helps TRG stay top of mind with customers. Big banks use mass marketing efforts to do this. But for everyone else, the difficulty of connecting to siloed data makes automation daunting and ineffective.

TRG Community Bank can engage with their customers without sinking time and money into enterprise software they’ll never use, or that doesn’t deliver on their goals. With Oceanus Launch, they get the functionality they need to create, execute, and track campaigns – with white-glove support from DataOceans that guarantees results.

It’s helped Krista’s hardware store continue to serve her community, and TRG cultivate a strong and lasting relationship that increases wallet share and interest earning income.

DataOceans has transformed customer communications for clients like TRG, supporting their revenue generation and retention strategies. We ensure that Krista – and businesses like hers – continue to take advantage of everything that your bank has to offer.

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