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Oceanus Launch Customer Engagement For Credit Unions

Learn How to Improve Credit Union Member Engagement

Credit unions hold large volumes of data about their members. Unfortunately, much of it is siloed in legacy systems. But with Oceanus Launch, a member engagement solution from DataOceans, your organization can connect and market to members leveraging your existing investments in member data. Learn how Oceanus Launch can improve member stickiness and retention for credit unions of any size by delivering highly personalized, omni-channel communications.

Video Transcript

Recently Jack joined TRG Credit Union, putting a $5 deposit into an account so he could finance a mortgage through them.

TRG values members like Jack. But he’s one of many passive TRG members. The relationship doesn’t go beyond a monthly statement and a single debit card that Jack may, or may not, use.

How can TRG make sure that Jack thinks of them first when he needs banking services? The answer can be found in the member data that TRG holds.

That’s right: TRG has a lot of data about Jack – and that data can be used to reveal other valuable products and services Jack needs from TRG. Such as: a used car loan for a son heading off to college. Or a home equity line of credit to pay for improvements on the new house. And that debit card buried in Jack’s wallet? It could be generating fee revenue for TRG every month – and loyalty benefits and reward points for Jack.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to gain these types of insights from member data that’s held in multiple, siloed systems. That’s where a member engagement platform like Oceanus from DataOceans can help.

Oceanus connects the member data from across your systems to create highly targeted and personalized communications that drive member engagement and generate more revenue, increase deposits, loans, and credit and debit card fee income, and deliver value to your members.

DataOceans has transformed member communications for our credit union clients, helping them increase revenue and retention. We make sure that Jack and members like him take advantage of all that your credit union has to offer.

Talk to us about how we can get you started realizing more revenue in as little as 90 days.

At DataOceans, we put your data in motion.