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Oceanus Launch For Banks And Credit Unions

Customer Engagement for Banks and Credit Unions of Every Size

Make your marketing dollars go further with Oceanus Launch. It delivers the personalization and segmentation capabilities of enterprise marketing solutions, without enterprise pricing. With Launch, your organization can leverage your existing customer data to create relevant, customized communications that improve revenue and retention while reducing print, paper and contact center costs.

Video Transcript

Today customers expect more from the interactions they have with your brand. To meet these expectations, your competitors have invested a significant amount of time, money, and resources to digitally transform — and take customers away from you.

Smaller banks and credit unions may not have the budget to outspend a larger competitor on advertising or technology, but they can still “Market with Intelligence” by taking advantage of new technology to retain and attract customers. Oceanus Launch delivers the personalization and segmentation capabilities that banks and credit unions need to bring the lobby to their customers.

Oceanus Launch is an end-to-end solution that delivers revenue-generating and cost-saving results in 90 days.

It gives you all the features the big banks have, customized to your brand. Your bank can spend money where it matters, by reducing redundant technologies, print and mail costs, and leveraging best practices.

Imagine being able to operationalize your data in 30 days, to drive more fee and interest income. We merge your existing customer data into a centralized repository that can be mined to create dynamic customer profiles. Then we combine it with powerful segmentation and messaging capabilities, so you can enable personalized messaging to present the right offer to the right customers.

Our clients use Launch to activate key strategies like increasing fee and income revenue, and growing business banking relationships that generate results such as:

 25 to 50 percent increased spend on cards
 12 to 17 percent increased activation rates and
 5 to 10 percent increased loan activation rates

Every touchpoint is an opportunity to impact your customer’s experience and prove that you are deserving of their attention and trust. You can do that by delivering a more personalized and streamlined experience every time customers engage with you.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients deliver experiences that increase customer satisfaction and revenue. And we can guarantee a return on investment by next quarter.

If you think you might be missing opportunities to market your products and services or to stay top of mind with your customers, talk to us about how Oceanus Launch can help you.

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